Maid Madison Young tied and dominated by mistress Natali Demore

Maid Madison Young

Today I want to show you a nice uniformed BDSM gallery that tells the story of a lazy maid punishend by her lady. Enjoy another brilliant Madison Young perfirmance is the gallery from Bondage Orgasms.

This story happened in a bedroom of Natali Demore. Natali is a professional mistress and she is a really busy woman. She had no time to keep her house up. So she hired a new maid (Madison Young). But instead of working hard, Madison was stupid enought to lay on the mistress bed and play with her sex toys... Being caught by Natali, Madison is going to be punished for being lazy.

Madison Young spanked by Natali Demore

As a first step Natali collars the maid. I love the look of Madison with that leather collar on her neck!

The first punishment is the flogging. Madison Young is bent over the bed. We can clearly see her bubble butt on those pictures. Natali Demore spanks her slave multiple times. I just love watching Madison's butt gets red during the spanking punishment.

Madison Young exposed in bondage

Next, mistress puts leather cuffs on Madison's wrists and ankles. A couple of chains used to restrain the girl. One chain ties her hands behind her back and the other bounds her ankles to leather necklace. Enjoy the view of Madison Young sits on a bed totally submissive and so helpless. A big gag put in her slutty mouth to shut the girl up. Mistress Natali wan't to add some pain to maid's pussy. To prevent Madison from crossing her legs a steel rod is used. This BDSM tool is sttsched to ankles and holds legs in spread position. Madison looks so kinky in this pose! Lying on a bed with her arms bound behind her back. With her legs spreaded with a rod and pulled up. Her exposed pussy is so easily reachable!

Madison Young tortured

Mistress Natali Demore rips the maid's black pantyhose and gains acces to the slave's shaved pussy. There goes some painful shit! A bunch of tight clothespegs are attached to Madison sensual part... Some of those goes stright to pussy lips. I like the view of that pink flesh painfully bited with pegs! Madison Young suffers an intense pain during the torment. Natali Demore having so much fun dominating her maid. I guess this slutty maid will remember this for a long time and will be serving like a charm in future.

Here is a tiny sample that shows maid punishment in motion: You need flash to see this movie.

I hope you like the story. Now you can take a look at the 15 preview pictures of maid Madison Young bound and punished.

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