Madison Young at The Training of O

Nude bondage slave Madison Young

Madison Young is going to have another BDSM adventure today! Tied girl wants more bondage and humiliation to be applied to her body. The Training of O dungeon is a perfect place for this.

The Training of O is a site that shows a full-time slavegirls training. The complete four days of constant bondage, sex domination and strict detention turns every girl into a submissive whore. Each female, who dare to take a training, signs up a contract where she gives up her human rights and agrees to take any kinky of humiliation her Master wants.

As a true rope slut, Madison Young can't live without an extreme bondage and domination. She decided to go The Training of O and ran through a full four days of training. Today we are going to see the Day Number one of Madison Young domination.

Madison Young suspended and fucked with sex toy

Story starts with Madison has been taken to a dark basement and undressed. Master showed his power by dominating naked girl with his dirty boot. Put on her knees, Madison is heated up with spanking. A multi-headed leather whip left painful marks on girl's sensual skin.

To add more humiliation to the training process, Master examined Madison Young with his fingers. He opened her pussy wide (you can see close-up image of this moment in the gallery)

Tied girl Madison Young ready to be fucked

The hardcore bondage phase starts with a kinky submission. A lot of tight ropes holds Madison in a few feet above the ground. Slavegirl is hanging there in the spread position. I love her pussy exposed and photographed closeup. A rubber dildo is used to penetrate Madison's pussy. This sex toy fucking adds pain and pleasure to slave's flesh.

The Training of O uses all kinds of sexual domination within the training process. It is a good moment for Madison Young to be dominated and humiliated with some forced sex action. Tied girl is fixed on a wooden BDSM rack. Tight black leather belts hold the girl in a motionless position. Madison lies on her stomach. We can clearly see her exposed pussy easily accessible from the back. This is the way Master is going to fuck his slave. Black ball gag keeps Madison Young quiet as dominator penetrates her ass and pussy. This BDSM anal sex is on the best moments of the first day of training.

Take a quick look at a video sample of Madison Young being fucked while tied to a wooden rack
You need flash to see this movie.

But before Madison Young will be put in her slave cage for the night, there is one more sexual training episode for her to go through. Released from her bondage ties, Madison Young has to pleasure her master with a blowjob.

Tied girl Madison Young got a cumshot

Enjoy pictures of naked Madison Young leashed with heavy chain, put on her knees and sucking cock. A full mouth of fresh sperm is a perfect reward for this slutty whore. With her mouth full of cum, Madison Young is being locked in her slave cage for the full night. Tomorrow there will be the Dat Two of her training.

While the slavegirl in kept in her cage, you can access the Day One training pictures and movies. Every single moment of Madison Young training process was photographed and shoot on video. The complete set of pictures (there are about 250 of them) can be accessed at The Training of O.

Enjoy two versions of images (normal and hi-resolution) together with full-length movie. 60 minutes of hi-definition video shows every moment of this redhead beauty bound, dominated and fucked. Have fun and come back for more Madison Young!

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