About Madison Young

Photo of Madison Young Madison Young is a world-wide famous bondage and fetish model, adult performer, activist, writer and feminist. She was born in Ohio, but currently lives in San Francisco. Madison is a great fan of bondage and BDSM. She loves being tied up for the camera and in a real life. Being a tied girl is one of her favorite feelings. Madison is also a total exhibitionist and she started her porn career for a several reasons:
  • Madison is a fanatic of bondage and enjoys BDSM lifestyle
  • porn models got a lot of money for their performance. This helps Madison to run her own art gallery
  • as an active feminist, she wants to be a part of a movement of sex positive woman taking control of their sexuality on film
  • Madison thinks that sharing sexual explorations over the Internet inspires people and helps them to uncover their sexual energy.
Madison documenting her sexual explorations on the Internet. By doing this she explores those parts of her sexuality that she didn't feel comfortable exploring in a bed room. Madison looks good on photos and on film. According to her interviews, she always begged her sexual partners to take photos or film her having sex. She does this even prior her porn career started. Now Madison Young travels a lot, working as a tied girl with famous fetish photographers. She constantly goes around the world finding new places where to be tied up and fucked. Madison is a successful businesswoman. She is running her own website and writing books. Feel free to check out her site Madison Bound to stay tuned with her latest news, pictures and videos. Madison Young is a bit fan of cats and Japanese horror films. She loves her home and likes to sit under a shady tree and read a book or cuddle up on the couch. Madison spends her free time by going out for drinks with friends, visiting museums, having outdoor rides. As a fan of art she goes often to the galleries and exhibitions. As an active porn model, Madison has a big number of friends in the industry. She's a good friend of famous bondage models Claire Adams, Anastasia Pierce, Ariel X, Julie Simone, Chanta Rose and Kumi Monster. Madison working hard in the adult business for many years. Her efforts rewarded with a great number of fans all over the world. Here is a small list of awards Madison won: voted one of the Top Ten Bondage Models in the World by BondageAwards.com, best SM Suspension Model from Bishop Awards, voted one of the Top Ten Hotties by Fleshbot, finalist in the Good Vibrations Erotic Film Festival for Writers and Rockstars, awarded the Feminist Porn Award for her video Bondage Boob Tube.

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